Our Services

In addition to providing our clients with professional, high quality, and customized translations into all languages, GlobaLink also offers a wide range of multi-language typesetting / desktop publishing, regional verification, printing, and shipping services, ensuring that all of your translation needs can be conveniently handled by a single service provider. Let us handle all of the components of your translation project and we will ensure that it is completed and delivered on time and according to your specifications — the links above describe each GlobaLink service in greater detail. Our goal is not only to meet the needs of our clients, but to exceed their expectations.

Translation is more than simply the literal conversion of words into another language. A good quality translation expresses the true meaning of the material, while ensuring that it is applicable to another culture in another country. At GlobaLink, we believe that in order to accurately translate a document, a Translator must have considerable experience within the industry for which the document is written. For this reason, your Project Team is carefully chosen according to both expertise and geographical location.

Our extensive international network of Translators allows us to provide translation services into any language.

GlobaLink Translators are professionals with extensive experience and training in your document's subject area. In order to ensure a culturally appropriate translation, the Project Team will include members who currently live in the target country. These criteria ensure that our Translators have the skills and knowledge necessary to translate both industry-specific and culture-specific language and terminology, resulting in the most appropriate and accurate translation of your materials. For most projects, GlobaLink also requires that Translators work in teams — this greatly increases the quality of the translation throughout the process and provides our Translators with continual feedback from their colleagues on their work.

Each GlobaLink translation project follows a rigorous quality assurance process, ensuring the most technically and grammatically correct translation possible. Our translation projects can include up to 18 separate steps and can involve the work of up to 7 separate team members in order to ensure its quality. We believe that it is the individuals working in your target industry who have the appropriate experience to accurately translate your material. It is also this reason that GlobaLink does not use any type of computer translation software in the development of your translation. Instead, we rely only on trained industry and linguistic professionals to create your customized and culturally appropriate document(s).

Previous GlobaLink experience and numerous association guidelines support a front and back translation process for specific types of documents. In addition to the standard front translation procedure (i.e., translating from the original language into the target language), the inclusion of a back translation component (i.e., where an independent Translator takes the new front translation and translates it back into its original language) allows for a comparison between the two original language documents to assess their consistency in meaning.

At GlobaLink, we have also added two extra steps to this recommended process — we assign an independent Translation Reviewer to review and proofread every front translation we create, to further ensure its quality; GlobaLink also has an Industry Specialist (the original author of the document, whenever possible) review all back translations to ensure that all information is being accurately conveyed.

We do, however, recognize that all projects are unique and should be treated as such. It is for this reason that we assess each project on an individual basis and recommend a customized translation process that will both meet your requirements and provide the best possible results.

This component of the translation process has proven to be particularly effective in assessing the quality of the translation in a specific geographic region and for a particular audience. If included in the project, a trained GlobaLink staff member travels to each of your target locations, administers the translated materials to a sample of individuals, and collects feedback about the translation. This feedback is then used by your GlobaLink Project Team to fine-tune the translation for its appropriate audience.

GlobaLink offers in-house typesetting and design services for our clients’ documents and can prepare multi-language translations according to any specifications. If a client's existing template is available, all translations can be typeset according to this same format in order to maximize consistency and uniformity across all versions.

GlobaLink can deliver each translation in the format most appropriate for your needs (i.e., e-mailed electronic files, disk or CD copy, laser-printed hard copy, or professionally printed copies ready for distribution). We are also able to ship any requested quantities of each translated document to your international location(s).