Project Team

Your translation project involves the work of several different individuals over the course of the translation process. The GlobaLink Project Team approach was developed both for quality assurance purposes and to provide you with the most convenient method of obtaining information about your project's status. The links above will illustrate how your project will be handled by each Project Team member.

Your translation project will be assigned to a GlobaLink Project Manager, who will coordinate the various stages of your project. The Project Manager will be your contact from the initial quote until the project's completion, and will be available to answer any questions you may have over the course of the project.

A Translation Team is assigned for each language included in your project. A designated Front Translation Team is responsible for creating the initial translation of your document, as well as revising it as necessary (i.e., based on Team review and/or Regional Verification feedback). Separate Back Translators are then responsible for creating any back translations required for your project. Each Team includes industry professionals who are carefully chosen according to both their areas of expertise and geographical locations. For further details on our Translators' qualifications, please visit Our Translators.

The Translation Review Team consists of independent linguistic and/or industry-specific Translation Reviewers who are responsible for reviewing any front translations created by GlobaLink Front Translation Teams. Each Reviewer verifies the corresponding translation for any grammatical, spelling, or terminology errors, suggests any recommended linguistic and/or wording modifications, further ensures the translation's suitability for its target country, and generally assesses the quality of the document(s). The Translation Review Team can include linguistic and/or industry-specific professionals depending on your project needs.

GlobaLink's Typesetters / Designers have multi-language capabilities and will be responsible for the typesetting of every language included in your project. This component of the project will also be overseen by your Project Manager, ensuring that your translations are delivered on time and that they reflect consistent layout and style.